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This scholarship celebrates Bill and Margaret’s lifelong passion and commitment to community — believing that higher education is what makes communities better places to live for all. In 2007, William S. and Margaret W. Marvin established a $15 million endowed scholarship fund for students of the Independent School District #690 in Warroad, Minnesota. At the time, this generous gift was the single largest endowment ever to be received by a community in Minnesota. Since its inception, over $5.1 million has been awarded.

William S., known as Bill, and Margaret (Wallin) Marvin grew up during the Depression, a time when pursuing higher education was rare. Despite this limitation, both attended college and graduated in 1939— Margaret from Macalester College and Bill from the University of Minnesota. Throughout their lives, they tirelessly advocated for the benefits of higher education, contributing to community, and paying it forward for generations to come.

Bill was not only a successful businessman, but a visionary for the company, leading the way through many of the Marvin companies’ innovations throughout its history. It was under his leadership that the company ventured into window making and ultimately became a world leader in the building industry. Margaret was equally pioneering, teaching in the Warroad Public School District speech, debate and theater, and serving on the Warroad School Board and the Minnesota State Board of Education. Her love of books prompted her to be a librarian and, in her later years, donate funds to build the Warroad Public Library and Heritage Center.

Both volunteered their time to worthy, civic-related causes and held leadership roles in organizations such as Girl Scouts and the Warroad Commercial Club (now known as the Warroad Chamber of Commerce). They didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand where needed. They treasured their education and chose the lasting gift of knowledge as the single most important gift they could share with the people of the Warroad community.

Jake Marvin, son of Bill and Margaret, said it best. “This scholarship program is an expression of two things from my parents. It demonstrates their belief that education is the ‘great equalizer,’ creating opportunity for every person who receives it. And it shows how deeply they cared for Warroad and its people.”


Applicants must be graduating from Warroad High School and plan to attend an accredited two- or four-year degree program. Students must be enrolled at the Warroad High School for a minimum of two years to qualify. All awards are pro-rated based on the number of years of full-time attendance in grades 7-12. In 2022, scholarship awards are approximately $6,200 per year for two-year programs and $11,300 per year for four-year programs.

Application materials can be picked up at the Warroad Counselor Office or High School Office. Materials are also available for download from this website. For more information, please review the FAQ below or send questions through our contact form here. This scholarship is managed by Scholarship Management Services.